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Rapid Assessment System for LDR Brachytherapy Source Measurement

ß and a Seed Measurement System

Fast measurement technology

Designed to provide a quick measurement of all seeds in a batch.



SIRAS™ is an LDR brachytherapy seed assessment instrument that simplifies and speeds the measurement of iodine and palladium prostate implant seeds. The number of seeds counted is shown on the right side of the instrument and relative seed strength shown on the left side of the instrument. The slim, vertical shape of SIRAS™ allows it to be easily used behind a standard Brachytherapy shield.

Seeds are placed in SIRAS™ one at a time with the SeedVac™, or with tweezers. A spring-loaded pin positions the seed at the point of maximum signal. The relative seed strength is shown on the display. The operator then activates the hand switch and the seed drops into a glass vial containing acceptable seeds. If a seed is judged to be high or low, the glass vials are moved so this seed is placed in a different vial.

Setting Relative Seed Strength The relative seed strength shown on the display is set by the adjustment knob under the display. The display reads 0.001 to 1.999. To adjust the display, a seed of known activity is placed in SIRAS™. The display can be set to the activity of the calibrated seed, for example 0.400 for a 0.4mCi seed. The display can also be set (normalized) to 1.000 for the activity of the calibrated seed. After the reading is selected, the adjustment knob is locked at that reading. Measurements of following seeds are compared to the reference measurement. Normalizing the reading to 1.000 allows a quick evaluation of each seed’s activity as a percent of the initial calibrated seed.

The initial value is set by the operator each time a batch of seeds is to be measured. Because the initial value is set each time, the operator can quickly change from one isotope to another. The large number of iodine and palladium seeds typically used for prostate implants can be measured by SIRAS™, without the expense of a separate calibration for each isotope.

The SIRAS™ Counting System is comprised of:

  • A sensor composed of dual opposing radiation hardened diodes
  • A 10-turn Adjustment Knob
  • Two LCD displays:

    one for displaying relative seed strength
    one for displaying the number of seeds counted

  • A Hand Switch to activate the exit gate and count the seeds
  • A reset button to reset the seed number counts
  • A convenient tray to safely hold the seeds to be counted
  • An input port to accept the seeds, one at a time
  • Shielded aluminum base to hold two glass vials to receive the seeds

The SIRAS™ Counting System

  • Rapid Measurement of Every Seed
  • Easy to Use
  • Reproducibility is 0.8%
  • Fast Throughput

Loading SIRAS™
Seeds are placed in the tray, picked up one at a time, and positioned over the insertion port using the SeedVac™ or small tweezers. The seed is then released into the counting chamber and automatically positioning in the exact geometry for the sensor.


SEED Placement
This is a close-up view of a seed, held by the SeedVac™ ready to be placed into the insertion port. Once inside the measurement chamber, the radiation sensor measures the strength and another sensor adds this seed to the previous number of seeds.

Sorting Seeds After Measurement
After the seed is measured, the operator has a choice of two vials in which to drop the seed. This can be used as a "Pass/Fail" or the user’s choice of classification. Through the use of a hand switch, the seed is allowed to drop into the selected glass vial. The vial holder surrounding the base of the vials is made of aluminum and provides adequate shielding for the operator.

Now with SIRAS™ from SeeDOS Ltd you can quickly measure every seed!


Display Range:

  0.001 to 1.999 isotope independent


  3.5 digit LCD to show seed strength
6 digit LCD to show seed count




  +/- 0.8% for palladium and iodine


  Push button on remote switch to drop seed






  UL listed power supply


  6 lbs.


  8" wide x 7" deep x 12" high


Please contact Colin Walters at cwalters@seedos.com if you would like further  information or you have questions

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