Prostate Seed Implantation Brachytherapy          


SeeDOS Ltd is a company committed to providing high quality, professional start up services to new prostate implant centres, internationally.

Linked with experienced implant centres throughout Europe SeeDOS Ltd provides economical equipment, dose planning, training and mentoring services to new centres to assist them in producing high quality implants.                             


Some of the equipment available is shown below: Please click on your choice of instrument in the photographs to go to more detail of that particular piece of equipment.


IsoSeed and IsoCord, I-125 RAPID Strand,

Interstrand-125, Interstrand-103, I-125 and Pd-103

Seed / Strand Handling and

Needle Loading Equipment 

AccuCare MicroTouch interactive

Ultrasound probe steppers, stabilizers

and templates

Latest AccuCare Brochure : please click for pdf

   Pal Pro Stirrups


MAX 4000 and MAX 4001 Electrometers now include MAXCOMM software - click here

Upgrades of existing MAX 4000 Electrometers with MAXCOMM software available - please click here



Seed Activity Measurement

MAX 4000 and MAX4001 Electrometers

Implant Needles

MultiCore Biopsy Instruments and Needles  

Prostate Seeding Needles

Brachyvision Dose Planning Systems




Operating Room Equipment


Ultrasound Equipment


Latest AccuCare Brochure : please click for pdf

Seed / Strand Measurement    


Brachytherapy Source Calibration Justification - SeeDOS Information Sheet (PDF)

Brachytherapy source measuring and handling systems pdf


Go To Slideshow " Radiation-Oncological and Physical Aspects of Seeds Brachytherapy"


RE-CALIBRATIONS OF WELL CHAMBERS AND ELECTROMETERS : Re-calibrations are recommended every 2 years for both chamber and electrometers. This recommendation follows that of the AAPM , Task Group 40, published in Medical Physics. This is not a mandatory requirement, simply a strong suggestion for ensuring nothing has changed in your equipments measuring ability over time.


If you are interested in any of the products mentioned here, please fill out an Enquiry Form or Go To the Prostate Implant Brachytherapy Product List / Quotation Request Form, so that we may promptly respond to your request.



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