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 IVB1000 Well Chamber
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IVB1000 Well Chamber
Ir-192 Wire Measurement
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Ir Seeds in Ribbon Measurement
HDR Ir-192 Source Measurement
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IVB1000 Well Chamber, SeeDOS Code 90009


IVB 1000 Well Chamber, SeeDOS Code 90009

  • 100mm long sweet spot unmatched in other chambers.

  • The same rugged, reliable construction as used on the highly regarded HDR 1000 Plus Well Chamber.

  • Exceptional precision and accuracy for brachytherapy source activities.

  • Source Holders available for in line prostate brachytherapy seed products:

          BEBIG: IsoSeed

          Oncura:  I-125 RAPID Strand ,

          International Brachytherapy(IBt): InterStrand

          Imagyn: Isosleeve

  • Multi-use capabilities: It can be calibrated and used in parallel for intravascular brachytherapy

           source check measurements:

           Iridium-192 IVB  and Sr/Y IVB    

  • IVB1000 Source Holders available for:

          Single seeds

          HDR Iridium-192, 2.2mm opening

          Caesium-137, 5mm opening

          Caesium-137, 7mm opening

          MICK cartridges

          RAPID Strand



          pre-loaded implant needles

  • Long term Stability of 0.16%
  • CE Marked for use in the European Union.
  • Dimensions: 26cm H, 10.2cm Diameter

           22cm Insert H, 3.5cm Insert Diameter,

           Weight 3.6kg.

Click here for a PDF brochure outlining the IVB 1000 for use in Beta and Gamma Intravascular Brachytherapy

Click here for a new PDF brochure outlining the IVB 1000 for use in both Prostate and Intravascular Brachytherapy

For an Acrobat Reader to read the pdf file please click on the adjacent Acrobat logo       

Click here for a detailed PDF outlining the use of the IVB1000 in check measuring the activity of the IBt Interstrand

Click here for a detailed PDF outlining the use of the IVB1000 in check measuring the activity of the Imagyn Isosleeve

Click here to go to IVB Intravascular Brachytherapy Equipment

For an enlarged view of the pictures below please click on the pictures.

Source Holder for RAPID Strand Iodine Seeds for IVB 1000, SeeDOS Code 70048 provides a fast and convenient method method to perform a quality assurance measurement of the I-125 RAPID Strand under sterile conditions. This source holder is constructed to simultaneously measure the ten IMC6711 seeds in the strand. A correction factor has been determined to calculate the activity.

Click picture

Source Holder for IBt InterStrand, SeeDOS Code 70049

is designed for QA measurements of International Brachytherapy Interstrand source trains. These consist of ten InterSource, Pd-103 seeds or ten InterSource-125, I-125 seeds, with an absorbable suture contained within the open annulus of each seed. The InterStrand stainless steel shielding container connects to the top of the source holder for easy transfer of the Interstrand to the source holder for measurement.

Click picture

Source Holder for Single LDR Seeds for IVB 1000,

SeeDOS Code 70043

is designed to position an individual LDR brachytherapy seed, like iodine or iridium, for a measurement. It is normally used for monthly system constancy checks. This source holder has a 1.2 mm diameter opening.

Click picture

Source Holder for MICK Cartridges for IVB 1000,

SeeDOS Code 70047

provides a consistency QA check of the activity of seed loaded into a MICK cartridge. This source holder positions the cartridge for a quick reproducible measurement.

Click picture

Source Holder for Imagyn isosleeve,

SeeDOS Code 70050,

prostate brachytherapy needle delivery system from Imagyn Medical Technologies. Each isosleeve needle is provided sterilized and custom-loaded according to the treatment plan. The polyimide sleeve within the isosleeve needle contains the seeds and spacers and may be removed from the needle hub so that the seeds can be assayed in the source holder.

Click picture

Source Holder for Sr-90/Y-90 IVB Sources,

SeeDOS Code 70036,

centresthe source in the active area of the well chamber for a measurement. The source holder is adjustable to fit the length of the source to be measured . In the picture on the right

the source holder is set to measure a source 60mm long, but a variety of lengths can be dialed up.This source holder accommodates both the 3.5 and the 5.0 mm french catheters.


Click picture

X-Ray Contamination Test Tool,

SeeDOS Code 70042,

is designed for use with Sr-90/Y-90 sources only.It consists of a 7 mm thick wall of Delrin that absorbs nearly all of the beta particles.It allows only the bremsstrahlung radiation to pass through the source holder for measurement.

Click picture

Source Holder for Iridium IVB Sources,

SeeDOS Code 70034,

Centres the source train in the active area of the well chamber for a measurement.The source holder is adjusted to accommodate the number of seeds in the source to be measured. In this example the source holder is set to measure a source with 22 iridium seeds.


Click picture

Source Holder for HDR Iridium for IVB 1000,

SeeDOS Code 70044,

is designed for HDR iridium measurements.It has a 2.2 mm diameter opening for the catheter. A rubber O-ring secures the catheter with a uniform constricting pressure to prevent any movement of the catheter.

Click picture

Source Holder for Caesium-137 for IVB 1000,

SeeDOS Code 70045,

has a 5.0 mm diameter opening and is commonly used with manually loaded caesium-137 sources. A spacer within the source holder positions the caesium insert for a measurement.

The spacer for positioning the caesium source, is removable.


Click picture

Source Holder for Caesium-137 Remote Afterloading for IVB 1000,

SeeDOS Code 70046,

has a 7.1 mm diameter opening. This insert is used with LDR remote afterloading treatment systems. There is no spacer because the afterloading system positions the sources.

Click picture

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