SeeDOS Ltd specializes in the following range of Radiation Oncology, Urology and General Medical Equipment and Services.


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      LDR Prostate Seed Implant Brachytherapy       SeeD Implant Needles  

                                 NEW EX3 Stepper       SeeDs and Strands

                             LDR,HDR,PDR Dose Planning System

  Brachytherapy    Cryotherapy     Template Guided Biopsy   Fiducial Marker Placement

               Volume Studies    Stabilizers     Steppers    Templates

                AccuCare Accessories and Disposables  NEW EX3 Stepper

                         Template GridsEndocavity Balloons and Drapes

                                   3D Mapping        Laparoscope Arm


                            MRI Biopsy / Localisation

                    MRI compatible:Temno Adjustable Coaxial Introducer Needles 

                          Bio-Cut biopsy needles   Spring Cut biopsy needles

                       Colt automatic biopsy gun   Breast Localisation needles            


                Seed Implant Equipment  Calibrations and Upgrades  Portable Bladder Scanner V4.1

                   Mobile Ultrasound         SeeDs and Strands      Sterile Gold Fiducial Marker Strand Kits

                                               NEW EX3 Stepper        3D Prostate Biopsy Mapping   

       Brachytherapy Interactive Steppers  NEW EX3 Stepper    Support / Positioning Arm    

                        Power Assisted Lithotomy (PAL) Stirrups   Prostate Biopsy Guns     OR Tables / Trolleys

    Prostate Biopsy      OR Tables/Trolleys     Prostate Biopsy Steppers    DisposableProstate Biopsy Instruments for Prostate Mapping

     Breast Biopsy / Localisation   Complete Chiba  / EchoChiba Breast Biopsy Needles

  Breast Localisation Hook Wire Needle Set -MammoRep    Cytology Sampling Syringe-3RS

 Breast Localisation Loop Wire Needle Set - MammoRep Loop Galactography Set MammoFlush

 X-Screen Breast Localisation Grid  Cytomat - Automatic Suction Cytology Biopsy   Carbo-Rep




  M10 MG-S03

 SuperMAX Electrometer






                               Biopsy Multi-Purpose Workstations

                                                Biopsy Steppers



  CT Biopsy Grids   Gyn, Prostate, Urethral, Rectal Templates HDR/LDR Templates           

                                                  Gold Fiducial Markers

            Radiotherapy Immobilization                         Rehabilitation Fixation

                                                     Seed Handling

                                                Source Measurement              

                     Electrometers ( New SuperMAX ) / MAXCOMM software

                    MultiMAT - Infection Control                 Portable Bladder Scanner V4.1 & V3.1

                                                              Iridium-192 Line Sources   Aspiration Biopsy Syringe Holders

                                 Pre-Loaded Gold Fiduciary Seed Marker Needles    Syringe Holders


                                               Biopsy Instruments/Needles     Syringe Holders     Dermal Punches

              Prostate Biopsy Gun              3D Prostate Biopsy Mapping        Temno Adjustable Coaxial SET-TAC Biopsy Instruments

                                                     Urology Biopsy      Lung Biopsy        Bone/Bone Marrow Biopsy 

        External Beam Radiotherapy Thimble Ion Chambers    Spherical Ion Chambers  

                            Micro Ion Chambers   Parallel Plate Ion Chambers 

                           Health Physics and Radiation Protection Instruments


















































































SeeDOS Ltd provides information, equipment and services for


Prostate Seed Implant Brachytherapy,  Intravascular Brachytherapy (IVB),   External Beam Radiotherapy ( Autimo Block Cutting Systems ),

Biopsy Needles, ,Biopsy Guns, Biopsy Instruments, Biopsy Grids and Biopsy Steppers , Fiducial marking ( Pre-loaded Gold Fiduciary Seed Marker Needles ), Operating Room tables and equipment, External Beam and Mammography Quality Assurance.

We are also dedicated to providing you with a professional, high quality, accurate, economic, reliable and timely

 prostate seed implant training,  equipment supply and dose planning service,  together with other related services,

to assist you in the introduction of the prostate implant technique at your clinic.


 Biopsy Steppers, Positioners, Grids, Needles, Guns and Instruments


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