SeeDOS Ltd specializes in the following range of Radiation Oncology, Urology and General Medical Equipment and Services.

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 Disposable Template Grids 

Disposable Endocavity Balloons and Drapes 

3D Mapping

      SeeDs and Strands

      Calibrations and Upgrades

               Seed Implant Equipment      

    Seed Implant Equipment

   Mobile Ultrasound


   Brachytherapy Interactive Steppers

Power Assisted Lithotomy (PAL) Stirrups

Brachytherapy OR Tables/Trolleys


                 SuperMAX Electrometer


  Biopsy Multi-Purpose Workstations

  Biopsy Steppers

 Biopsy Grids


     Seed Handling

                  Source Measurement              

     Electrometers/MAXCOMM software

   Ophthalmic Applicators

     Iridium-192 Wire Sources

Pre-Loaded Gold Fiduciary Seed Marker Needles

    SeeD Implant Needles

  Biopsy Instruments/Needles

Urology Biopsy


SeeDOS Ltd provides information, equipment and services for

 Intravascular Brachytherapy (IVB),   External Beam Radiotherapy ( Autimo Block Cutting Systems )  , 

Biopsy Needles, ,Biopsy Guns, Biopsy Instruments, Biopsy Grids and Biopsy Steppers, Fiducial marking ( Pre-loaded Gold Fiduciary Seed Marker Needles ), Operating Room tables and equipment  , External Beam and Mammography Quality Assurance.

We are also dedicated to providing you with a professional, high quality, accurate, economic, reliable and timely

 prostate seed implant training,  equipment supply and dose planning service,  together with other related services,

to assist you in the introduction of the prostate implant technique at your clinic.


 Biopsy Steppers, Positioners, Grids, Needles, Guns and Instruments  


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