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 IVB Film Phantom
IVB Film Phantom
IVB X-Ray Test Tool









IVB Film Phantom, SeeDOS Code 91200

Intravascular brachytherapy requires that the dose be specified within millimeters of the source. High dose gradients, near brachytherapy sources, require that the source detector distance be accurately known for dosimetry purposes. The IVB Film Phantom, SeeDOS Code 91200, is designed to meet these exacting requirements.

The longitudinal centre of the source is positioned exactly 2 mm from the film. An optional spacer is available which positions the source 5 mm from the film. The phantom offers optional source blocks for each manufacturers sources.

Ease of operation is provided by the dual springs on the upper support plate which provide even tensioning and hold the source block and spacer flush against the film during exposure.

After exposure, the developed film can be visually inspected or scanned to provide evaluation of source strength and uniformity, identification of inactive sources, and evaluation of source attenuation at 2 mm and optional 5 mm.

For a detailed account of the IVB film phantom please click here          (pdf file)

Click here for a new PDF brochure outlining the IVB 1000 for use in both Prostate and Intravascular Brachytherapy and the use of the IVB Film Phantom         (pdf file)

To Go To IVB 1000 Chamber and Source Holder Details please click here

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