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Dose Planning Equipment - Treatment Planning Systems


BrachyVision™ Brachytherapy Treatment Planning System

As an integral part of Eclipse™ treatment planning system, BrachyVision™ treatment planning system simplifies the development of complex brachytherapy treatment plans. A comprehensive toolset provides the infrastructure for increased consistency and efficiency in your planning process. From the routine to the unusual, BrachyVision allows you to customize your plans to your patient’s individual disease. Key features of BrachyVision include:
  • HDR, LDR, and PDR supported
  • Film and 3D image-based planning
  • Customizable plan templates and clinical protocols
  • Draw on any plane or image modality using Eclipse contouring, registration, and plan evaluation capabilities
  • Fully integrated with the ARIA® oncology information system
  • Plan summation for brachy and external beam plans
  • TG-43 compliant, all isotopes supported
  • Create dialogues and queries with simple scripting
  • TG-186 compliant for Varian sources

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The Treatment Planning System for True Real Time Permanent Seed Implants
Today, there are nearly 60,000 seed implant procedures being performed each year by more than 1,000 practitioners in the United States. With more than ten years of excellent clinical results, permanent seed implant brachytherapy of the prostate has become the treatment of choice for early stage prostate cancer. Optimized to address real time planning and image-guided therapy, VariSeed 7.1 offers advancements in brachytherapy treatment planning.

VariSeed Image 1
Real time planning in Implant View gives you the complete dosimetry picture in the procedure room, while there is still time to do something with it!

With VariSeed's O/R-approved laptop configuration, treatment planning and implementation can take place the same day, minimizing costs associated with a traditional surgical procedure. Performed on an outpatient basis, patients may resume normal activity in two or three days.

Configured to support all popular treatment protocols, VariSeed has evolved with the demands of practitioners to become the standard treatment planning system against which all others are measured. With more than 500 VariSeed systems in use throughout the world, VariSeed is a prostate brachytherapy system you can trust to meet your needs, now and in the future.

Using the most recent diagnostic advances to help optimize treatment planning, the newest version of VariSeed offers features designed to overcome the technical difficulties and long learning curves associated with the protocol.









Enhanced VariSeed : Optimized for Real Time Planning and Image Guided Therapy
Developing the VariSeed treatment planning system made Varian Medical Systems the leader in permanent seed implant brachytherapy. A good thing just got better. Varian's newest version of VariSeed is designed to address the challenges faced in the operating room, pre- and post-plan. You'll know exactly how you are doing, while you still have the opportunity to make necessary adjustments.

Brachytherapy for prostate cancer patients has grown steadily over the years, becoming the treatment of choice of many professionals and their patients. Currently, there are more than 60,000 permanent seed prostate implant procedures performed every year. More than 1,000 physicians and their patients are opting for this method because of its precision, time and cost effectiveness, and reduced side effects such as incontinence and impotence. Varian Medical Systems works together with more than 500 practitioners in the field, continually developing the best brachytherapy product available.

New Standard Features
VariSeed  is designed to address the challenges faced in the operating room in a true, real time environment. Varian has worked to shorten the learning curves by walking you clearly through the treatment planning process.

VariSeed  offers the following standard features:

  •  Perform dynamic interpolation of structures on all slices of manually entered contours, as well as outlines between edited contours.
  •  Ultrasound image outlines can be captured automatically, from a solid outline.
  •  Contours may be edited point by point (expand/contract/rotate/move).
  •  Expand contours uniformly or variably by axis to define a new 3D structure from an existing structure. This is especially helpful for prostate volume studies.
  •  Enter points or lines to be projected over the entire data set.
  •  Improved template registration tool to support dynamic grid relocation and bi-directional scaling.
  •  Volume editing enhancements allow you to insert, delete, or edit slices in a volume.
  •  For combination plans, a DICOM RT format for exporting seed plans to an external beam planning system, such as Varian Medical Systems' new Eclipse. This meets the requirements for RTOG trials.
  •  Export source location data to automate needle loading devices, or transfer data to a spreadsheet for analysis.
  •  The Nomogram Editor, a popular option for creating semi-automated pre-plans, is now a standard feature.
  •  A new "shadow" cursor feature puts a marker on adjacent slices when you are entering a seed pre- or post-plan.

Implant View Option
This new, optional feature provides a live ultrasound window on which pre-plan needles and dose distributions can be super-imposed, and displays a 3D orthogonal view of the pre-plan, with the dose distribution superimposed.

Interface to Stepper – VariSeed  automatically determines the rotational angle and depth of the probe. Once you have registered the longitudinal view to the pre-plan prostate outline, rotate the probe to find a needle being inserted. Identify the needle from the pre-plan transverse view and relocate it to its actual position on the live view. It may be relocated if it does not conform to the pre-plan. This module provides an interface to new generation steppers, such as the AccuCARE Micro-Touch EXII and AccuSeed DS models.

VariSeed Image 2Real Time Dose Updates: As the needle is located in the pre-plan view, you can update the position from the live ultrasound view. Seeds may be located in the needle or as they are dropped. As seeds are implanted, the dose distribution is automatically updated.

Dosimetry Alerts: The Implant View module includes dosimetry alerts that respond if critical dose parameters have been reached. You can respond immediately to the situation, while the patient is still on the operating table.

Real Time Dose Analysis: You are free to perform dose quality analysis--isodose and DVH or CVA, or cold spot identification--right in the operating room.

Image Fusion Module Option
This new co-registration module offers the following cutting-edge techniques:

Co-register 3D data sets: Use a least-squares algorithm, or manual matching by moving one volume set through another. The transparency of each set is operator-adjusted.

Contour definition: You can fuse a CT data set to an ultrasound study.

VariSeed Image 3
Fusion of two 3D data sets allows more precise target definition, and therapies that target disease hot spots.

VariSeed Image 5

Dose review: Your plan can be defined on one data set, and reviewed on another.

Functional image guided therapy: Studies have shown that functional images created using Single Photon Emission Computer Tomography (SPECT) and MRI can help clinicians distinguish cancerous regions from normal tissue. VariSeed 8.5 utilizes this technology so disease "hot spots" can be identified and fused to an ultrasound study to ensure superior disease treatment.

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