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Exradin Ion Chambers list, for reference:

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A range of conductive plastics are available either in rough cut slabs or in precision cut shapes, for example, wedge shapes cut to custom dimensions within an accuracy of plus/minus 0.1mm. Please request a quotation using the enquiry form for your specific requirements.

The range includes:

SeeDOS Code          Material code and Description

74010                        C552 Exradin Air Equivalent Conductive Plastic, 10"x12"x1"

74020                        C552 Exradin Air Equivalent Conductive Plastic, 10"x12"x2" 

74050                        A150 Exradin Tissue Equivalent Conductive Plastic, 10"x12"x1" 

74060                        A150 Exradin Tissue Equivalent Conductive Plastic, 10"x12"x2"

74080                        D400 Exradin Polystyrene Equivalent Conductive Plastic, 10"x12"x1"

74090                        D400 Exradin Polystyrene Equivalent Conductive Plastic, 10"x12"x2" 

Custom1                    B100 Exradin Bone Equivalent Conductive Plastic, 10"x12"x1" 

Custom2                    B100 Exradin Bone Equivalent Conductive Plastic, 10"x12"x2" 

A150 simulates soft body tissue (muscle) with respect to photons and neutrons of a wide range of energies. It consists of polyethylene, nylon, carbon black, and calcium fluoride, has a density of 1138 kg/m3, and shows electrical resistivity on the order of 2 ohm-meters.

C552 is an air-equivalent formulation which makes it particularly appropriate in the measurement of exposure and air kerma. C552 consists of polyvinylidene fluoride, carbon black, and silica. It has a density of 1760 kg/m3 and electrical resistivity of the order of 0.03 ohm-meter.

D400 is a polystyrene-equivalent formulation, which has the same atomic composition of polystyrene. It is precisely polystyrene-equivalent with respect to all types of radiation, and has a density of 1100 kg/m3 and electrical resistivity in the range of 0.1 to 1 ohm-meter.

For an Electrometer for use with your Exradin Ion Chamber please click here

If you are interested in any of the products mentioned here, please fill out an Enquiry Form or Go To the Ion Chamber Product List / Quotation Request Form, so that we may promptly respond to your request.


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