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3D Prostate Mapping

3D Pathologic Mapping




Three dimensional mapping has evolved so physicians are now routinely obtaining between 20-80 biopsies, depending on the size of

the prostate. these biopsies are obtained transperinealy, between the scrotum and rectum, using the same approach used in

brachytherapy and cryoablation. Information from these biopsies can be used to create a virtual 3D map of the prostate identifying

the location and extent of the cancer. While this procedure was initially intended to help with the diagnosis of prostate cancer,

3D mapping has recently extended to include patients in all stages of diagnosis and treatment.


Transperineal 3-Dimensional Pathologic Mapping of the Prostate, A 4-Year Experience by Drs. Winston E. Barzell and Myron R. Melamed



Template guided transperineal 3D pathologic mapping kit , SeeDOS Code 610-1001  

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Why Prostate Saturation Biopsy?

This technique involves collecting 20+ biopsies using a Template Guided, Transperineal approach accesses the transition zone and apex where a significant number of men may harbour cancer. These areas are not accessible using the traditional Trans Rectal approach.

What is the 3D Prostate Mapping Approach to Saturation Biopsy?

It allows the Urologist a means to saturate the prostate with biopsies using a systematic and reproducible technique of placemats and labels. The SeeDOS AccuCARE method organizes the prostate into 8 regions (octants) and further divides the gland into 26 sections. Each secton is biopsied and catalogued based on its location in the prostate. All are readily accessible using the three reference planes commonly used in ultrasound.


3D Mapping Solution Simplifies 3DPM:

• Sterile specimen placemats and matching labels for

pathology jars provide operating room personnel

with a systematic manner of cataloguing biopsy cores

• Map each prostate octant into 3 zones



3D Mapping Features:

• Minimizes the risk of specimen labelling and loss

• Provides multiple sterile foam pads for easy

specimen transfer

• Intuitive Tyvek placemats clearly labelled with

corresponding labels accelerate specimen

capture and organization


Who is a Candidate for Prostate Saturation Biopsy?

Patients with an adverse PSA parameter who have had a previous negative Transrectal Biopsy

What Constitutes Prostate Saturation Biopsy?

The procedure must be performed under general anaesthesia using a Transperineal approach.

This involves 20+ biopsies, depending on the size of the prostate, using a template grid. The

template grid allows systematic sampling from the entire prostate gland.

When Can I Start?

Immediately, Prostate Saturation Biopsy is available today.


Latest AccuCare Brochure : please click for pdf


Multi-Purpose Workstation™

The Multi-Purpose Workstation is ideally suited for transperineal biopsy procedures and

can assist in diagnosing cancers continuing to evade extended transrectal biopsy


The workstation features a single-point locking mechanism to quickly and easily lock

stabilizer position without loss of transducer position. The workstation wheels and

adjustable height provide easy transportation, set-up and storage.

  •      Convenient floor based stand for any clinical setting

  •      Stabilizing arm with single point lock provides flexibility and precise positioning.

  •      Wheels and locking mechanisms allow for easy transportation and storage.

  •      Adjustable height provides ease of set-up and use


SeeDOS code : 610-974


Multi-Purpose Workstation™ LP




The Multi-Purpose Workstation LP is designed for use in both hospital and urology clinic

settings. The workstation attaches to table rails on the right side and allows users to perform diagnostic and therapeutic prostate procedures. When minimal cancer is found on transrectal biopsies, the workstation can help settle therapeutic dilemmas by accurately allowing the

physician to define the extent and location of the disease.





  •      Ergonomic configuration reduces clinician strain resulting from prolonged positioning during prostate procedures

  •      Quick-connect mounting system allows for easy assembly

  •      Adapts to most clinic tables, providing a low cost solution for prostate procedures

  •      Single arm fixation with single point locking mechanism provides ease of set-up and use.

SeeDOS code : 610-975

Multi-Purpose Workstation™ Stepper



The Multi-Purpose Stepper is a lightweight state-of-the-art precision stepping device. The

stepper's modular design is adaptable to a variety of transrectal transducers. The stepper's

quick release feature allows the disposable grid to detach from the stepper during prostate procedures. The insertion of the included cradle extension provides additional support when

rotating the transducer. The Multi-Purpose Workstation Stepper features a secure centreline

detent featuring 40 degree clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation.






  •      Incremental X and Y fine adjustment of grid to achieve precise needle path control and on-screen verification

  •      Ability to rotate transducer out of stepper and replace it without loss of prostate position

  •      Grid movement independent of the transducer controlled from a convenient location on the back

  •      Cradle extension provide additional support when rotating the transducer

SeeDOS codes :

614-098     Multi-Purpose Workstation Stepper - Aloka UST-672-5/7.5

642-334     Multi-Purpose Workstation Stepper - GE Healthcare ERB

644-066     Multi-Purpose Workstation Stepper - Hitachi EUP-U533

676-121     Multi-Purpose Workstation Stepper - Siemens Endo-P II

620-094     Multi-Purpose Workstation Stepper - B-K Medical 8558, 8658, 8808

620-113     Multi-Purpose Workstation stepper -  B-K medical 8808e, 8818