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 SeeD Measurement









Seed Measurement

The SourceCheck ionization chamber is the ideal device for measuring the source strength of radioactive seeds, which are used in radiation therapy for permanent implantation into cancer tissue and of sources used in intravascular brachytherapy (IVB). It is particularly useful for the measurement of IsoSeed sources and IsoCord seed strands. It is specially designed to feature a full 4-Pi-geometry for high precision source strength measurements.
The SourceCheck chamber makes it possible to measure single seeds or seed strands of up to 130 mm length. The outer chamber dimensions are 220 mm x 60 mm x 14 mm. A wide guard ring reduces the influence of scattered radiation from the housing to improve the measuring accuracy. Since the sensitive volume is vented, air density corrections are required. For measurements, the SourceCheck chamber is connected to an electrometer type UNIDOS, UNIDOS E, MULTIDOS or TANDEM.
  •   Flat ionization chamber for measuring the source strength of radioactive seeds and intravascular brachytherapy sources
  •   Features vented sensitive volume of 55 cm³
  •   Accommodates the source inside the chamber volume
  •   Measures the source strength with 4-Pi-geometry
  •   Connects to a PTW electrometer with 400 V chamber bias voltage supply

SourceCheck Optional Accessories

Accessories to use SourceCheck for source strength measurement in various brachytherapy applications

  • Adapters for single IsoSeed I-125 seed or IsoCord I-125 strand measurement
  • Adapters to connect afterloaders for HDR brachytherapy
  • Adapters for the measurement of sources for intravascular brachytherapy
  • Backscatter phantom and radioactive check device available.

The SourceCheck ionization chamber provides the possibility of connecting various adapters to the chamber and therefore use the chamber for specific applications. An adapter for single seed measurement can be loaded manually with a single IsoSeed I-125 seed . IsoCord I-125 seed strands can be placed on the chamber by using the appropriate adapter to measure the entire seed strand in one run. This adapter can be sterilized. With two screw-in adapters, catheters from 1.0 mm to 3.2 mm diameter can be inserted into the chamber for source strength measurement of HDR afterloading sources. The system from Novoste can be connected to measure sources used in intravascular brachytherapy. A backscatter phantom, consisting of two acrylic plates of 30 mm thickness is used to provide for defined scattered radiation conditions. The radioactive check device T48010 with adapter serves for checking the performance and long-term stability of the SourceCheck chamber.