Template Guided Biopsy

  •  Has your facility committed to performing Prostate Mapping, Saturated, or Targeted Biopsy Trans Perineally?
  •  Do you have the need for a lightweight, floor or table – mounted stabilizer stepper system which allows for Trans Perineal Biopsies?
  •  Are there no surgical rails on the procedure tables in your Urology or Cancer Centre, but you desire to perform these procedures “in house”?

The Classic Micro-Touch Stepper Stabilizer ( table mount - standard or low profile ) or the Multi-Purpose Workstation ( floor or low profile table mount ) are ideally suited for those who demand a stable platform for Trans Perineal Fiducial Marker Placement, but these instances exist. The workstation features a single-point locking mechanism to rapidly and easily lock the stabilizer position without transducer migration. The workstation’s wheels and adjustable height provide easy transportation, setup and storage. 

  • Platform allows for base, apex and medial lateral placement of Fiducial Markers with only linear movement of the probe necessary.
  • Sole solution for clinical settings where a bed rail is not available
  • Autonomy of practitioner during each step of the Fiducial marker placement procedure with fine height adjustment knob
  • Rapid connect feature mitigates long set up and clinician prep prior to procedure

If you desire a table mounted Multi-Purpose Workstation, see the LP (Low Profile) device shown below.

Micro-Touch™ (Dual-Sided Table Mount)

The Micro-Touch™ features stable single-arm fixation with a single-point locking mechanism to quickly and easily lock stabilizer position without loss of probe position. An adjustable weight-assist feature allows users to achieve a weightless feel to the entire system.
Product Number : 610-911

Micro-Touch™ LP (Low Profile)

The Micro-Touch™ LP is specifically designed for use on cystoscopy tables with a fixed fluoroscopy/X-ray gantry. The Micro-Touch™ LP attaches to tables opposite the gantry and allows users to perform simultaneous fluoroscopy/X-ray and seed implantation while retaining the remarkable versatility of the Micro-Touch ultrasound platform and needle guidance system.

Classic Stepper

The Classic Stepper is a lightweight precision stepping device capable of fitting a host of ultrasound manufacturers transducers. Its module design is adaptable to a variety of template guided procedures including: Cryotherapy, Fiducial Marker Placement, Mapping Biopsy, Saturation Biopsy, Targeted Biopsy and Volume Studies. The Classic Stepper features a secure centerline detent with 60 degree angular rotation both counter and clockwise. Also, easy-to-read marking scales are aligned on either side.

Multi-Purpose Workstation™

The Multi-Purpose Workstation™ is ideally suited for genitourinary procedures where a stable platform is required. The workstation features a single-point locking mechanism to rapidly and easily lock the stabilizer position without transducer migration.
Product Number:610-974

Multi-Purpose Workstation™ LP(Low Profile)

The Multi-Purpose Workstation™ LP is designed for use in both hospital and urology clinic settings. The workstation attaches to table rails on the right side and allows users to perform diagnostic and therapeutic prostate procedures.
Product Number:610-975

Multi-Purpose Workstation™ Stepper

The Multi-Purpose Stepper is a lightweight state-of-the-art stepping device. The stepper's modular design is adaptable to a variety of transrectal transducers. The stepper's quick release feature allows the disposable grid to detach from the stepper during prostate procedures.